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Circular systems and curved guides: advantages, applications and solutions

When the linear motion project requires a solution that fits into small production layouts, meets industrial footprint reduction needs, or allows different processing stations to be located opposite each other, the products that best meet these needs are circular systems and curved guides.

The adoption of these handling solutions, in fact, responds perfectly to the requirements indicated: by joining straight and curved elements, one precisely obtains the reduction of the machine footprint and the possibility of designing lines and systems in which the different machining stations are side-by-side but not necessarily one after the other.


The applications

Some of the most common sectors in which these solutions find greater application include, for example, packaging, medical, or multi-station assembly lines.

Curved guides are also suitable for specific handling applications on other machines, such as the handling of curved guards on machine tools – meeting a need for design and ergonomics in the department -, on X-ray heads used in various applications in medical practices, or even in the railway sector, for example on toilet doors on high-speed trains, where space management becomes very important.

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