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How Rollon helped a food company handle leavened doughs safely and effectively

Case Study

A leading Italian food machinery company contacted Rollon to develop a handling system for croissant and pizza dough along the production line. Specifically, the company needed a system to unload leavened doughs along a series of conveyor belts.

There were many challenges involved in the application. On the one hand, the level of efficiency of the entire process needed to be increased, reducing the cycle time compared to the previous self-built solution. On the other hand, the customer requested an increase in the system loading capacity while creating specific dynamics, as well as guaranteeing that the doughs were protected from contamination during handling. In fact, the solution had to be able to operate in an environment with a high risk of volatile dust contamination (typically flour and yeast), while ensuring that it would not contaminate the product. It also needed to withstand frequent cleaning with liquid detergents without damaging the surface or operations.

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