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The Rollon Compact Rail: an ideal solution for medical technology


A unique combination of hygiene, convenience, precision and durability

The linear guides of the Rollon Compact Rail are characterized by soft, low-noise movements and high load capacity, and enable precise positioning. In addition, they are self-aligning and low-maintenance. This makes Rollon’s Compact Rail an ideal solution for linear technical applications in medical technology.

As a long-standing partner in medical technology, Rollon supports the industry with precise, hygienic and customized solutions and thereby makes an important contribution to greater patient well-being, more efficient processes and less stress for staff. The roller guides of the Compact Rail are particularly suitable for use in medical-technical applications. They are robust, precise, quiet, reliable and self-aligning and fully meet the high requirements of medical technology.

Linear guides for medical technology

The Compact Rail consists of linear guides with a cold-drawn steel profile with induction-hardened and ground raceways as well as a robust steel carriage. The self-aligning systems are compact, insensitive to dirt and dust and designed for high travel speeds (max. 9 m/s) and accelerations (max. 20 m/s²). In addition, the track roller guides are characterized by a long service life and low maintenance. They only require minimal amounts of lubricant and therefore ensure completely clean application.

The induction hardened and ground raceways guarantee maximum precision, total reliability and smooth and quiet movements. Because the raceways are located within the C-profile, they are protected against contamination. For a higher load capacity, the Compact Rail is also available as a Plus version with rollers mounted in a double row.

Unique self-alignment ability

Thanks to the ability to self-align, the systems of the Compact Rail can compensate for parallelism errors of the mounting surfaces on one or two levels (axial and radial) just as perfectly as a height difference or angular error between the guides. It is possible to compensate for or correct rail parallelism errors of up to 3.9 mm and vertical alignment errors of up to ±2° or, in the case of the Compact Rail Plus – the version with double-row ball bearings for extra high load capacity – distance errors up to 3.5 mm and angular errors up to ±1.3°.

Individual solutions for customers

Whether for diagnosis, treatment or therapy: the Compact Rail from Rollon opens up interesting possibilities for manufacturers of medical-technical devices for a compact, hygienic design with high cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, Rollon’s linear technology meets the current standards of FDA, Reach and RoHS, and can easily be provided with a wide variety of surface coatings, e.g. against corrosion, as well as individually adapted to customer-specific applications.

Rollon – Modular linear technology for your automation

For more than 45 years, Rollon has specialized in the development and production of linear motion systems. Today, the company is one of the world’s leading providers of complete solutions for linear technology and offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of linear guides, telescopic guides and linear axes. Rollon has an extensive range of modular linear components with which it produces flexible automation systems and customized designs for all manner of sectors, appllications and requirements. Rollon can also adapt any of its components individually and develop entirely new solutions.

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