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Stainless Steel Components Keep Food Processing Equipment Safe and Productive


When it comes to food manufacturing and beverage equipment, maintaining food safety is just as critical to a machine as its ability to meet demanding production requirements. Not only should you select a motion device that provides smooth and reliable operation, it should also resist corrosion caused by frequent washdowns. Corrosion can quickly affect sliding quality and weaken the component’s structure.


Because it doesn’t rust when exposed to water and oxygen and is suitable for high-temperature use, stainless steel is a well-established material option for food and beverage equipment. Rollon Corporation offers a variety of linear and telescopic rails in AISI 316L stainless steel. This high-strength, food-grade alloy includes molybdenum which helps it fend off chlorides often found in meats and salty products which can otherwise cause pitting. It also stands up to chemicals typically found in cleaning agents used in washdowns.

Highlights of Rollon’s stainless steel products include:

  • X Rail Linear Guides. This bended C-profile guide comes with radial ball bearing sliders and optional stainless steel construction for applications requiring cost efficiency and high resistance to corrosion.
  • Hegra Rail. This telescopic guide with ball cage handles high loads and can overextend by up to 200 percent of the guide length in closed position. Stainless steel versions include AISI 316 and AISI 304.

In addition to its stainless steel linear and telescopic products, Rollon also offers a chemical plating process that can protect against corrosion caused by chemicals, acids or bases in food industry applications that don’t involve direct food contact.

Reliable Performance Where Sanitation and Uptime Matter

In today’s throughput-driven food and beverage industry, manufacturers cannot afford downtime caused by corroded linear and telescopic components. Stainless steel products and protective plating from Rollon stand up to corrosion-inducing food processing conditions and damaging chemicals so your equipment will run smoothly and support sanitation without worry.

Learn more about Hegra Rail and X-Rail, visit catalogs download page


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