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Rollon China inaugurates new state-of-the-art facility in Suzhou

Corporate | 1 July 2024

Rollon, a leading provider of linear motion solutions, proudly announces the inauguration of its new state-of-the-art facility in Suzhou, China. Previously operating from another location in China, this new +5000 sqm facility underlines Rollon’s commitment to enhancing its localization efforts and meeting the evolving demands of the Chinese market.

July 1, 2024 – Rollon, a leading provider of linear motion solutions, announces the inauguration of its new facility located in Suzhou, China.

This new facility marks a significant milestone in Rollon’s strategic expansion and commitment to the Chinese market. Spanning a total area of over 5000 sqm, the new location boasts a modern office space of about 250 sqm and a comprehensive production area of over 4900 sqm. This setup is designed to enhance operational efficiency and support the company’s growth ambitions in the region.

Leveraging The Timken Company’s extensive network and resources, the new facility benefits from proximity to GGB, another company part of the Timken group. This strategic location is set to optimize resource integration, maximize benefits, and reduce operational costs, thus supporting Rollon in deepening its local presence and accelerating localization efforts.

“Over the past decades, Rollon has significantly expanded its presence in China to become a leading provider of linear motion products and solutions, evolving from a small trading company in the corner of an office building to a modern factory with over 5,000 square meters of plant and office space”, said Rollon China’s President Ju Zheng-ting at the inauguration ceremony of the new facility. “With the support of the Timken ecosystem, the Rollon family has grown comprehensively, enhancing our product range, application breadth, and brand diversity,”

As a global leader in linear motion technology, Rollon is dedicated to addressing new market challenges and meeting evolving customer demands. By enhancing localized production and service capabilities, Rollon aims to capitalize on the high-tech ecosystem and geographical advantages of the Suzhou industrial zone.

For customers, the new facility means better support and more efficient service and lead times. Rollon is set to deliver competitive linear motion products and solutions, fostering a localized ecosystem that mirrors the efficiency of its European headquarters. This move will further enable Rollon China to operate efficiently, creating more value for local customers and contributing positively to the local community and workforce.

Looking ahead, Rollon and Timken are actively working on the migration of Nadella, – acquired by The Timken Company in 2023, – to the new Suzhou facility. The integration process is underway, with the Nadella ChangXing plant expected to relocate to the Rollon Suzhou site by the end of the year. This merger will further strengthen the Rollon by Timken ecosystem’s capabilities and market position in China.

The inauguration event of the new facility

On June 25, an inauguration event and ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at the presence of Rollon China President Ju Zheng-ting, APAC Sales Director Walter Gobbi, APAC Sales Manager Actuators & Systems Yuji Hayashi, Group Director Marketing and Business Development Federico Banti and all employees of Rollon China.

To celebrate this significant milestone, Rollon also invited its local distributors to join the event. APAC Sales Director Walter Gobbi expressed appreciation for the efforts of all employees and local partners before the distributors participated in a factory tour guided by Rollon’s sales engineers.

The event’s highlight was the ribbon-cutting ceremony, where the Global and China management teams stood together on stage, marking the official opening of the new facility.

Following the inauguration, the annual China Distributor Meeting commenced with a greeting from Rollon CEO Rüdiger Knevels, who joined remotely from Rollon’s European headquarters to provide an overview of the past year’s changes within the Rollon Group and its future strategies in light of current economic trends.

Federico Banti, Group Director Marketing and Business Development, introduced the new brand strategy and its implementation in China. Additionally, APAC Sales Manager Actuators & Systems Yuji Hayashi detailed the products that are being developed. The combined insights and strategic discussions supported by the global management team, the local sales director, and product specialists, paved the way for identifying new opportunities to enhance cooperation with distributors, streamline operations, and expand Rollon’s market presence in China.

The meeting not only strengthened the relationship between Rollon China and its distributors but also laid a deeper foundation for future joint market expansion, highlighting Rollon’s commitment to continuing to enhance its capabilities and delivering more value to its customers in China.


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