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Rollon’s Gantry Robot Boosts Tire Bead Production

Case Study

In a recent application, a Rollon gantry robot was used in a pick and-place system that transports finished tire beads to automated carts at the end of a production line. Bartell Machinery Systems, a global manufacturer serving the tire and rubber industry, needed a custom gantry robot to automate this part of the process because the machine’s cycle time was roughly four cycles per minute––too fast for shop floor workers to keep up with.


A fully customizable system. Bartell custom designs its machines to meet very specific application requirements and plant layouts, making Rollon’s multi-axis system the best fit. In this instance, the robot’s actuator couldn’t be belt driven, as belt drive actuators previously used in this application had failed due to high thrust forces. The actuator also had to be quiet enough to meet the company’s stringent noise requirements.

Stable, precise motion. Because the Tecline actuator features a rack and pinion design, you don’t have to worry about belt slippage or breakage. Instead, hardened sloping tooth racks guarantee stability and precise motion.

Easy integration. Tecline rack and pinion actuators are designed to handle payloads from 5 to 2,000 kg and are easily integrated into other applications, such as robotics, palletizing equipment, production lines and logistics and manufacturing machines with Cartesian axis movements.


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