Compact Rail Plus is Rollon’s new model of linear rail. It was created to provide industrial designers with a new point of view for design. The Italian company, a prominent reference in the linear motion market, have based their approach on a question to clients: “what are your needs?”. The technological choices change significantly, depending on the answers to this apparently simple question. And so the best product to achieve a required performance level, depends on the answer to this question (along with the final cost of the application).

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SLIDE INTO THE FUTURE: Rollon presents the first new...

New opportunities for planners and industrial designers: Rollon has introduced its new Compact Rail on the market, now with a Plus version, in addition to the new actuators from the Plus System and Smart System families. These products are the first of a comprehensive technological and aesthetic redesign program that will progressively affect the entire product range. Increased performance and attention to detail to satisfy the needs of manufacturing companies are the main priorities, and now Rollon wants to add functional and original aesthetics.

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