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MiniRoller Rail: a new highly adaptable miniature rail for light-to-moderate loads in linear motion applications

Innovation | 1 March 2023

Rollon recently introduced the new MiniRoller Rail linear rail with bearings: an alternative to the miniature rail with recirculating balls that can be used in various industries and applications such as in aircraft interiors, medical, pharma and packaging.

MiniRoller Rail features extremely smooth and quiet operation and an adaptable design that is easy to customize and to integrate into applications even in tight spaces.

The new Rollon-branded rail reduces noise, assembly difficulties, misalignment issues and unnecessary weight typically associated with the use of linear rails with recirculating balls. It also offers exceptional flexibility thanks to a variety of optional materials, surface treatments and fixing devices.

All details, catalogues, 3D models and insights are available on the MiniRoller Rail page of the corporate website and of myRollon.


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