Corrosion-Resistant Actuator With Rollon Support...

Rollon customers often come to us for assistance with solving their complex application challenges. Recently a customer needed to integrate a linear actuator into a three-axis CNC router that would be installed aboard a boat. Shipboard conditions are particularly harsh on mechanical devices because frequent exposure to seawater and salt air renders metal components vulnerable to corrosion. Rollon has many years of experience in the actuator industry, so we were able to pinpoint and identify the customer’s needs and answer their questions. This dialog helped us determine the Rollon actuator best suited for the application and which will last a long time in the corrosive environment.

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A Well-Hidden Linear Rail System Gives Telescoping...

When it comes to the retail store environment, products don’t sell themselves. In order to maximize sales, you need attractive, functional display fixtures that present your goods front-and-center to the customer. That means supporting components like drawer slides must be inconspicuous so that they don’t divert the customer’s attention from the merchandise. And because retail space is precious, drawers cannot extend too far from the display despite the need to cantilever sometimes heavy loads.

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