Fabric Cutting Machine Takes to the Field With...

When choosing a linear actuator, portability is often overlooked. And if you intend to use the actuator in multiple locations, you can’t wait for the actuator vendor to provide field support each time the unit moves. A project’s time and productivity can depend on how much effort is needed to transport and install the actuator. This was the situation facing a large aerospace and defense technology contractor when it called Rollon.

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Rollon bolsters its corporate social responsibility...

In a market situation with an ever-growing focus on commitment to social and environmental issues, combined with technical and economic performance, the manufacturing sector is one of many being called upon to do their part. Based on this fact, the linear motion multinational is taking new steps in the direction of environmental sustainability, following its previous actions aimed at improving welfare within the company. This is a path that will see new projects being introduced in the coming months.

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