Take The Burden Out of Managing Misalignment in...

No one wants a linear bearing to fail prematurely. While many factors can threaten a bearing’s expected life, designers of industrial machines must especially guard against alignment errors between the bearing rails and moving elements. Not only is misalignment one of the most common causes of bearing failure, it is also among the most costly and complex factors to address. But in many cases, it doesn’t have to be such a burden.

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​Rollon Seventh-Axis Series Actuators Give Robotic...

Rollon Corporation now manufactures linear actuators capable of providing a seventh axis of motion to anthropomorphic six-axis robotic arms with a curb weight of up to five-thousand pounds! Seventh-Axis systems — part of our Actuator Line Series — offer a host of customizable features to meet the most demanding automation needs. Seventh-Axis systems incorporate a rack-and-pinion guided shuttle to traverse our linear extrusions for any required travel distance. Whatever the size or weight class of your six-axis robot, Rollon has the right Seventh Axis actuator to handle it:

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Hannover seventh axis

Adding a Seventh Axis to Your Robotic System Brings...

There’s no disputing that automation technology has changed the face of industrial operations. Nowhere is this more evident than spot welding, assembly and material handling where six-axis articulated arm robots perform complex tasks with high precision. While these and other industries rely on six-axis robots to reduce redundant manual tasks and make workflows more efficient, there are still areas where efficiencies can be improved and capital expenditures lowered.

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Telescopic and Linear Guides Have a Home In...

Rollon linear and telescopic rails provide high-quality motion in many types of buildings and furniture. Inside the home, for instance, they provide smooth, precise motion for sliding kitchen countertops, wardrobe sliding units, bed slides or rotation systems, and shower door slides. The rails can be fitted to make home accents like aquariums or even a fireplace slide inside and outside a wall. Outdoors, these rugged devices stand up to harsh environmental conditions.

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