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Out-of-the-Box Cartesian Robots Help Any-Size Manufacturer Boost Efficiency

Large-scale manufacturers routinely automate processes to maximize efficiency and gain a competitive edge. Until recently, many of the automation technologies that large manufacturers enjoy through their economies of scale and large budgets was cost prohibitive for smaller-scale manufacturers, who have had to make due with comparatively inefficient processes.

Today, a new class of Cartesian robots is bridging the gap between expensive, difficult-to-implement automation systems and affordability. These Cartesian systems can cost-effectively achieve the required motion so most manufacturers of any size can get their parts moving quickly and efficiently. And with that simple implementation, they can realize several process efficiencies, such as the ability to carry heavy loads within a defined framework, as well as reductions in wasteful transport, production steps and worker fatigue.

While there’s no secret that today’s robots make processes more efficient, what makes this new class of robotic systems so cost effective for even the smallest manufacturers?

Simple, Affordable Implementation
One robotic system, The Motion Box from Rollon Corporation, is designed to help manufacturers overcome some of the barriers that have prohibited them from automating their operations in the past. They include: 

  • Set-Up: Customers can specify an out-of-the-box Cartesian robot with the mechanical system and controls in place and ready to go, including cable management. This robot system can take as little as one engineering hour to set up versus as much as 100 engineering hours required to construct even a simple gantry setup.
  • Troubleshooting and Advice. Manufacturers only have to call one vendor for advice and troubleshooting.
  • Technical Personnel. Systems integrators essentially purchase just one completed part. Users don’t have to be an expert programmer, electrician, mechanical designer or controls engineer. And, there’s no need to hire one.

Efficient, Cost-Effective Automation is Possible
An out-of-the-box Cartesian robotic system allows manufacturers to overcome the cost constraints of automating their operations. Motion Box comes pre-engineered with the actuators, servo motors, controls and HMI, and cabling, so manufacturers of any size can implement the system right away. And, it can accept payloads of up to 50 kg to help reduce human handling, transport, and the associated breakages and injuries. Motion Box is suitable for more than 80 percent of all Cartesian motion applications, so both large and small operations can realize the efficiencies and competitive benefits that automation can provide.

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