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High Quality Cartesian Robot Systems Make All The Difference

When looking for a robot, system integrators have a host of factors to consider—including load, speed, travel, orientation, available space, positional accuracy and cost. To meet all these requirements and more, consider a cartesian system. Their robust framework and bearings help them handle heavy loads and provide support along the entire range of motion.

One example of a good cartesian robot is our Motion Box, a pre-configured 3-axis Cartesian robot system.

About Motion Box. With a robust mechanical design and easy-to-use control interfaces, Motion Box eliminates the time, cost and risk that comes with building a cartesian robot system. This robot was designed for reliability and maintenance, and to minimize the customer’s engineering and assembly efforts. Its pre-engineered system includes linear actuators, servo motors, a motion controller and HMI.

High performance. Motion Box has absolute encoders with battery backup to maintain position even without power, eliminating the need for a home routine after power-down or E-stops. This system also includes:

  • Mitsubishi QD77 motion controller and J4 servo amplifier
  • Three ball screw-driven axes complete with home switches, cable management and mounting brackets
  • Additional fourth axis capability
  • Pre-wired handheld E-stop circuit configured to the drive
  • Programmable seven-inch color touch screen HMI
  • 32 I/O - 16 on-board Z-axis, 16 at control cabinet
  • Five meter dynamic cable set
  • Multiple network interface options
  • 24VDC, 120W power supply
  • I/O power and Ethernet connection on-board Z-axis