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Compact Linear Movement With New Telescopic Actuator

News | 11 April 2016

Designed for effective linear movement in a wide range of applications such as the loading and unloading systems of machine tools and long assembly lines, our compact telescopic actuator reduces lead times and minimizes stress on mechanical components.


Customizable, compact actuators. Unlike rack and pinion systems, our telescopic actuators are maintenance-free and don’t need any lubricants, thanks to a polyurethane toothed belt.

The product is customizable, especially for dimensions and travel. And our engineers work with you to resolve any linear movement problems relating to available space and work loads.

Both standard products and those already included in our vast catalogue make up this telescopic actuator. We supply you with all the mechanical components up to the point of the reducing gear—once you connect the motor controls and you’re good to go.

But perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of our telescopic actuator is its ability to operate in small spaces with fewer costs. The actuator moves in one or more directions with a travel distance that’s equal to or greater than its own length in the closed position. For example, a system with a length of 1,500 mm can extend by 1,500 mm in either direction.

Horizontal or vertical movements. The option of horizontal or vertical movements give our telescopic actuator added flexibility to a variety of layouts and directions. It was originally designed as a horizontal movement solution to feed presses installed in a series with a central unit that extends in both directions.

With a vertical installation, the system’s compactness in the closed position makes it ideal for applications without enough space between the machine and ceiling to allow an axis to rise by the same distance as the travel.

In addition, this telescopic actuator can be wall-mounted. With this option, the actuator facilitates the feeding of machine tools that must avoid obstructions due to the possibility of feeding the machine and retracting.


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