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Streamlined Robotic Systems Help Manufacturers Combat Waste

News | 19 April 2018

Cartesian robots are a particularly attractive automation option for manufacturers with pick-and-place type processes. Their highly precise motion boosts production efficiency, making them a natural choice for plant managers looking to cut waste. These robots let users concentrate their efforts on value-added processes that help the organization meet lean manufacturing goals.
Cartesian robots can help reduce waste that comes from:
  • Transport. Robots that perform pick-and-place operations can eliminate the need for multiple conveyors or personnel to move products from one production step to another. Products arrive at the next step when needed, and they don’t sit idle between steps.
  • Waiting. Cartesian robots provide motion within a defined framework and can be mounted in several configurations, so products move easily — even over long production runs and distances.
  • Motion. Heavier loads can be handled and transported while freeing up workers to perform more productive tasks and relieving operations managers from the worry of worker fatigue.
  • Defects. Reduced motion and handling by fatigued workers cuts down on dropped or defective products.
  • Overproduction. Manufacturers can build their products to order instead of building to sales or production targets, which can increase costly inventory.

Most Manufacturers Can Now Use Cartesian Robots
Cartesian robot systems now come pre-engineered and can include a three-axis robotic system using actuators, servo motors, controls and HMI together. Rollon’s easy-to-implement Motion Box system features load and speed charts to determine travel times for x, y and z axes with ease, ensuring the correct system for the application. It also accepts payloads up to 50 kg to outperform six-axis and SCARA systems while reducing ergonomic and health issues related to worker fatigue.

Since Motion Box is suitable for more than 80 percent of all Cartesian motion applications, most manufacturers now have the opportunity to use the most streamlined robotic technology available to maximize productivity and consolidate operations.


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