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Playbook: Linear Bearing Applications


In many industrial applications, linear bearings can fail prematurely due to misalignment of the bearing rails and moving elements, inadequate lubrication of the bearing’s unsealed components or contamination of the bearing rails and raceways. Rollon has developed an alternative bearing solution that meets these design challenges and more, offering alignment and contamination resistance, lifelong lubrication and installation cost effectiveness.


In Rollon’s latest Playbook, the company discusses the ways its Compact Rail linear bearings system is improving machine life and performance in CNC machine doors, palletizing systems, medical imaging systems and laser glass engraving applications—making it easier than ever to avoid the application pitfalls that threaten bearing life.

Linear Bearing Solutions For CNC
CNC machine doors are an axis often designed with less-than-ideal motion components, which makes them subject to deflection and alignment problems. They must also be able to work reliably in a contamination-prone environment.

  • Self aligning. In the Compact Rail system, large roller bearings interact with a set of rail profiles, designed to allow the rollers extra freedom to offset misalignment between rails.
  • Contamination resistant. Small ball bearings are permanently sealed within larger rollers, which have a large size relative to typical contaminants and can roll over many chips.

Solutions For Trouble-Free Palletizing
With their demanding operating schedules and uptime requirements, palletizing systems used in Packaging and Packaging and Logistics plants can challenge the reliability of linear bearings, especially when inadequate lubrication or alignment problems cause premature wear.

  • Low closing force. The Compact Rail system has minimal lubrication needs. The slider rides on large rollers that house permanently lubricated and sealed ball bearings.
  • Easy alignment. The system’s multiple rail profiles can be combined to give rollers added degrees of freedom to offset any bearing misalignment, allowing bearings to be installed at a lower price and eliminating a source of wear.

Solutions For Medical Imaging Technology
Linear bearings are used in medical imaging systems to guide and support the motorized beds that carry patients. Failure occurs when bearings are not robust enough to handle the heavy loads or become misaligned.

  • Compact rails. Within the Compact Rail system, the slider moves on large roller bearings that travel within profiled rails. These large roller bearings make for a space saving, heavy-duty system and are designed to be tolerant of misalignment.
  • Telescopic rails. Rollon also offers Semi- and Full-Telescopic Rails, designed to handle heavy loads. These can be used in applications that require low-profile, simple and cost-effective support for cantilevered beds or imaging tables.



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