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Telescopic and Linear Guides Have a Home In Specialty Architectural, Decorating Applications


Rollon linear and telescopic rails provide high-quality motion in many types of buildings and furniture. Inside the home, for instance, they provide smooth, precise motion for sliding kitchen countertops, wardrobe sliding units, bed slides or rotation systems, and shower door slides. The rails can be fitted to make home accents like aquariums or even a fireplace slide inside and outside a wall. Outdoors, these rugged devices stand up to harsh environmental conditions.


Guides Maximize Home Crawl Space For Storage

Right now, Rollon is helping a homeowner build a sliding storage unit underneath their house to maximize space. The customer built his own tray and turned to Rollon to provide a pair of telescopic rails to extend the tray out like a drawer from an unused — and otherwise inaccessible — crawl space. The rails have to be six to eight feet long to fully extend the tray, and they must handle a one-thousand-pound load. And, the rails have to withstand the humidity of the crawl space.

The homeowner chose the Rollon DSS43-1970 telescopic rail for the job. These full-extension guides include fixed and movable elements, and an s-shaped intermediate element. Constructed with a ball slider and hardened raceways, the series features nickel plating to protect against the corrosive effects of the humid storage space. The customer’s most important criterion is loading capacity, and the DSS43-1970 can handle up to 1,200 pounds to easily exceed the requirement. And since the customer only needs one set of rails instead of a large, discountable quantity, this series has a favorable price compared to other guides.

No Project is Too Technically Ambitious or Too Niche

Rollon offers several linear and telescopic rails to choose from, and our engineering staff can work with you to design a custom guide. When it comes to building construction and furniture, no job or project is too technically ambitious or too niche. When interior designers and architects require smooth, accurate motion in a demanding or specialty application, they can expect to find a Rollon linear or telescopic rail to fulfill their need.


For more information about Rollon linear and telescopic rails for buildings and furniture, visit Building and Furniture section in Your Challenges.


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