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Vertical Applications Call For Specialized Linear Actuators


Setting up a dynamic, high-speed linear motion system is challenging enough. Flip it 90° to go vertical, and things get even trickier. In theory, linear actuators should work in any orientation. However, in real-world installations, cables can become tangled and moving parts can shift unexpectedly. To meet the specific needs of challenging vertical applications, we’ve introduced SC Series linear actuators as part of our new ActuatorLINE family.


SC units are built with anodized aluminum extrusions for high mechanical strength and low weight. The robust actuators also include a steel-reinforced polyurethane timing belt with either an AT pitch or parabolic profile suited to high-speed operation.

Streamlined Design. With the SC Series, tangled lifelines are a thing of the past. That’s because the drive is fitted directly onto the fixed carriage, eliminating cable movement, so the aluminum profile is the only moving part. In fact, the carriage itself houses the entire linear motion system, consisting of a drive pulley and two driven pulleys. Side slots enable quick and easy mounting of accessories, such as proximity switches, while power cables and air hoses may be passed inside the body. The carriage is assembled on four preloaded ball bearing blocks, enabling it to withstand loading in the four main directions.

Fast and Sturdy. Vertical applications such as those found in the robotics and material handling industries often demand punishing speeds. The SC Series is designed for just such environments. SC actuators offer speeds to 5 m/s, acceleration to 50 m/s2, high load capacity and bending moments, low friction and a maintenance-free lubrication system. For additional protection against contaminants, the carriage is fitted with specialized seals.

Range of Sizes. A one-size-fits-all approach is not very useful when it comes to challenging vertical applications. That’s why the SC models come in three sizes.

  • Body dimensions measure 65 x 65 mm, 70 x 130 mm and 90 x 160 mm
  • Maximum dynamic axial load capacities from 820 to 3,700 N
  • Stroke lengths from 100 to 2,500 mm
  • Actuators support loads in any direction and may be installed in any position

Drive System Flexibility. The drive system of choice will be determined by the specific application. The SC series is designed for ultimate versatility.

  • Standard models are available with clearances from 3 to 15 ft. and reduction ratios of 1:3 to 1:1,000
  • Versions with planetary gears are ideal for highly dynamic robotic, automation and material handling applications involving stress cycles and high-precision requirements
  • Versions with worm gears are perfect for applications involving low speeds and accelerations
  • SC linear units may also be equipped with simple or hollow shafts

Multi-Axis Motion. Certain applications call for multiple-axis setups. In these cases, a specialized set of fittings with brackets and cross plates connects SC units to each other and to ROBOT units within the ActuatorLINE family.

For more information and technical data, visit our product page.


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