Heavy loads with
a compact solutionn

Linear ball rails with single slider or multiple sliders.

The system consists of an “C” shaped linear profile rail, and one or more internal sliders with caged recirculating ball bearings.

Long life

Long lifetime

Induction hardened raceways
with 1.2 mm effective depth and
hardness between 58 and 62 HRC.
Easyslide compact
space saving

Space saving

‘C’ profile linear rails with
incorporated sliders make
Easyslide a very compact solution.
high loads

High loads

Up to 12,000 Kg per slider thanks to
the caged balls motion system.
Easyslide broken down

Find out the technical details and
select your Easyslide.

ProductSectionHardenedSelf alignmentSliderAnticorrosionLoad capacity [n]Operating temperature

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