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Ball Catcher Demo

Experience the precision of Rollon’s E-Smart actuator through our engaging ball catcher demo. A glove, mounted on the actuator carriage, demonstrates unmatched accuracy by catching a ball thrown in the air. This demo highlights the reliability and speed of our innovative motion solutions.

Rollon Components:



  • Movement provided one linear recirculating ball guide and a toothed belt.
  • Linear unit made to order with customized stroke.
  • Technical file with calculation noticed supplied on request.
  • Particularly suitable for configurations of mounting two units in parallel.
  • In single-axis configuration, to be reserved for medium load cases with little overhang.
  • Level of protection for workshop environments.
  • Quick and easy mounting of the gear unit directly in the drive head by means of an expanding hub. “Free” positioning of the motor/gearbox assembly in the drive head.


Unit: mmE-Smart 30E-Smart 50E-Smart 80E-Smart 100
Rail Size30 x 3050 x 5080 x 80100 x 90
Rail size (mm)12 mini152025
Max. Working Stroke3700612060606025
Special Stroke110001100011000
Maximum Repeatability+/- 0.05+/- 0.05+/- 0.05+/- 0.05




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