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New Telerace: telescopic movements for automation

Innovation | 20 September 2021

In the most advanced automation systems, such as those that include industrial machines or automated warehouses, telescopic rails are used for multiple solutions, including overhanging extractions of moving parts or enclosures, drawers, telescopic forks on AGVs, and often operate in critical conditions that include handling heavy loads, stressful cycles or high contamination environments. Designers who want to achieve the best possible results must choose the right rail for the individual application. In addition to product specifications, they will also need to consider numerous variables related to the application area, such as rail alignment, stroke type, loads and dynamics.

The new version of the Telerace telescopic rail by Rollon offers the designer a series of immediate application and functional advantages that can simplify and make automation more efficient.



Having the right telescopic rail in industrial automation applications allows you to always obtain the best performance and ensure the proper operation of production systems. The benefits provided are evident in terms of reduced project and maintenance costs and increased productivity.

Some application types may require variable strokes or vertical movement. In other cases, if the rails do not undergo hardening or special treatments, they may not be strong enough to handle heavy loads; or they may have low resistance to corrosion or oxidation. Choosing an unsuitable product can cause the entire system to lose efficiency and slow down production.

The new Telerace rails offer many advantages:

  • Misalignment management: which simplifies installation by compensating for misalignment and dimensional differences between the structure and the mobile element.
  • Application-dependent stroke definition: the stroke can be adjusted by ± 20% simply by reducing or increasing the distance between the sliders.
  • Efficiency in vertical movement and variable strokes: thanks to the use of ball bearings instead of a ball cage.
  • Low opening and closing force: the hardened and ground raceways and the high rigidity guaranteed by the wide sections of the elements make Telerace rails extremely smooth in movement.
  • Suitable for use in environments with contamination: thanks to larger rolling elements and wiper systems.
  • High resistance to corrosion: thanks to being able to apply different nickel plating, galvanizing and high strength zinc-nickel treatments.


The Telerace range is composed of 6 models of telescopic rails with ball bearings and different sizes and materials to adapt perfectly to each project and improve productivity: TLR, TLQ, TLN, TQN, TLAX, TQAX.

The TLR and TLQ series are the biggest innovation introduced during the redesign and are marked with the “Plus” icon that identifies the top of the range of each Rollon product family. These are cold-drawn steel rails with hardened and ground raceways and double row ball bearings.


The extension of the rails is 100% of the length of the rail itself in closed position, and the TLQ version provides the ability to customize the stroke/load capacity ratio by ± 20% by adjusting the distance between the sliders inside the rail.

The models of the TLR series, on the other hand, are the most performing in terms of managing the misalignment of the mounting surfaces, managing misalignment errors of up to ± 2.7° and compensating for dimensional differences with a tolerance of up to 0.5 mm with respect to the nominal value of the mobile element.

The other series (TLN, TQN, TLAX, TQAX) include the same models of the Telerace Plus modified in order to be used in different application fields. These rails are made of rolled sheet steel and hardened by a nitriding and oxidation process that gives them a black color, ideal for applications where the aesthetic impact is relevant, and stainless steel rails for corrosive environments.


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