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Rollon presents the new LTH telescopic rail: full extraction with maximum ergonomics for manual applications

Corporate | 19 September 2013

The outstanding range of telescopic rails produced by ROLLON – world specialists in linear motion solutions for a wide variety of sectors – brings to you the new LTH series. This unique new line of products combines the quality and flexibility of Rollon’s best solutions with excellent economic value.

The new product represents the union between two series of products offered by the Vimercate company: the high load capacity, reduced bending Telescopic Rail and the versatile Light Rail line, recommended for small loads. LTH uses drawn steel and thus provides a more rigid structure and compact height than the Light Rail, offering a higher load capacity.

The LTH products are fully extractable and consist of two rails, one fixed and one movable, and an intermediate Cf53 steel element with T-shaped profile and compact cross-section, which provides rigidity and ensures minimal bending – even when the rail is fully extracted and handling heavy loads. Thanks to reduced bending, the LTH series is indicated for applications where manual extraction is required, ensuring ergonomic comfort for the operator. The rail is always mounted in combination and thus is able to absorb misalignments with the mounting surface and maintain high sliding quality over time.

Available in two sections, 30 and 45 mm, LTH products can be adapted to a wide variety of applications where manual extraction is required. For example, for the extraction of a battery compartment or train maintenance compartments, or extractions compartments on special vehicles (fire engines, ambulances, mobile kiosks with wheels); for the handling of industrial lockers, professional furniture, and structures such as fireplaces where rails enable full extraction of the block and handling of the glass panel.

This “hybrid” solution confirms Rollon’s capacity to efficiently respond to the different needs of the market. In fact, although some applications require a quality product, the heavy-duty highly performing products of the Telescopic Rail series may be overstated. The LTH series falls within that section of market requiring good performance and excellent value for money.

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