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Corrosion-Resistant Actuator With Rollon Support Makes a CNC Router Seaworthy


Rollon customers often come to us for assistance with solving their complex application challenges. Recently a customer needed to integrate a linear actuator into a three-axis CNC router that would be installed aboard a boat. Shipboard conditions are particularly harsh on mechanical devices because frequent exposure to seawater and salt air renders metal components vulnerable to corrosion. Rollon has many years of experience in the actuator industry, so we were able to pinpoint and identify the customer’s needs and answer their questions. This dialog helped us determine the Rollon actuator best suited for the application and which will last a long time in the corrosive environment.

The Challenge

The customer required a clean room actuator that keeps internal parts sealed away. Rollon’s Clean Room ISO Class 3-rated, sealed actuator was an attractive option, but its exterior would have been exposed to the salt materials. Instead, we recommended Rollon’s Plus Series of corrosion-resistant actuators. The standard version features self-sustaining anodized, anti-corrosive aluminum construction, and all Plus System actuators are available with stainless steel elements for protection against harsh environments.

In addition to the Plus System’s corrosion-resistant qualities, this sturdy unit comes with a steel-reinforced drive belt and offers exceptional load capacity and moment control features. Additional benefits include:

  • High speed and acceleration.
  • Low wear and tear.
  • Low friction.
  • Low noise.
  • Low maintenance.

Our engineers also helped solve installation challenges made difficult by space constraints aboard the ship:

  • Since the router had to be mounted at an angle that could not be accommodated using Rollon’s standard mounting methods, we helped perform the necessary force calculations needed to determine where the forces will fall during its dynamic movement.
  • We also helped the customer correctly mount the system to a firm structure in order to prevent the system from sending out interference that could otherwise impact other devices aboard the boat.

Smooth Sailing Ahead

After verifying all of the customer’s requirements and obtaining design approval from the customer’s engineering team, we were able to deliver an optimal Plus System belt-driven linear actuator. With the help of Rollon’s technical support team, the customer has peace of mind from knowing their linear actuator is best suited to meet their requirements and to resist harsh, shipboard conditions.

For more information about the Rollon Plus System belt-driven linear actuator line, visit our product page.


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