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High Quality Linear Guides in a Hurry


Obtaining quality linear guides could take many weeks – or even months. Every day you are waiting for them to arrive is a day you aren’t shipping your machine.


The Mono Rail Plus FAST Delivery Program allows you to receive linear guides in as quickly as 24 hours so you can keep production going steady. See for yourself by putting your current linear guide up against the Mono Rail Plus in our comparison chart. Our product offers a drop in replacement to linear guides with long lead times. We can have some of our guides to you the next day.

Mono Rail Sizes

Mono Rail Plus is a profiled rail for high precision under high loads. Four rows of balls run in the self-lubricated slider. The running surfaces of the sliders and rails are hardened and ground. Other features include:

  • Sizes from 15mm to 45mm
  • Standard and long sliders, with and without flange
  • Different precision and preload classes
  • Fixing holes from the bottom also available

The running grooves are ground in a semicircular profile and have a contact angle of 45° in O arrangement to ensure the same load capacity in all principle directions. The use of large steel balls enables high load and moment capacities.

For more information and technical data, visit our product page.


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