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Linear Guides Overcome High-Load Challenge In Security Gates

Case Study

One specialty of Youngblood Automation, a Michigan-based provider of industrial automation components, is building aluminum extrusion machine guarding and sliding guard fences. Although the specific application requirements vary—from small 10-pound sliding doors to larger 150-pound security gates—the cantilevered setup requires robust linear bearings that can handle very high moment loads.
Here’s why Youngblood chose Rollon linear bearings to take on that challenge.

Guard Design Requirements

When constructing its sliding guards, Youngblood engineers first fix the rollers onto the structural frame and then mount the rails on the backside of the moving gate or guard panel. The guard panel is cantilevered out over the opening, allowing the guard to roll back while keeping the opening clear of any obstructions.

Due to the cantilevered setup, the guards can generate moment loads up to 136 N-m spread over four rollers within the bearing, often with four rollers per bearing assembly. The bearings need to be robust enough to handle such high loads, and they also need to maintain rigidity, all while allowing the gate to move smoothly.

Rollon Compact Rail

To meet the various design requirements of its larger guard applications, Youngblood Automation uses Rollon’s Compact Rail. For one, this bearing can handle high loads up to 15,000 N (3,370lb). With a simple adjustment of the eccentric rollers, engineers can also set their desired clearance or preload on the rail and slider to change how easily the guarding moves.


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