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Robust Actuators Enable Reliable, Repeatable Motion

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Since actuators serve as the workhorse of so many applications, they must be reliable. When specifying a Cartesian robot system, the overall quality of your actuator is essential. And picking an actuator with rigid linear guides and heavy-duty ball screws can make all the difference.


You also want to pay close attention to the actuator’s subcomponents such as the base unit, carriage, guides, rails and drive system. When combined, these parts guarantee reliability and precision for more accurate motion and less downtime.

Rollon TH actuators for Motion Box. One example of a cartesian robot system with reliable actuators is our 3-axis Motion box. The system’s actuators, our TH 110 and 145, are compact, pre-loaded, ball screw-driven actuators with zero backlash. These actuators come in a compact package and offer positioning accuracy and repeatability within 5 µm. They use precision ball screws for high speeds, high load capacity and accurate thrust force, as well as good mechanical performance and long life.

In addition, Motion Box uses anodized aluminum (alloy 6060) in the profiles and carriages of its TH series actuators, allowing the system to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. Motion in this system comes from preloaded recirculating ball bearing blocks with a ball retainer technology mounted on two precision-aligned parallel rails. High load capacity and stiffness translate to repeatable x, y and z movements, often at top speeds of 1 m/s, depending on moving load.

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