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Precision System

High Precision Linear Actuator System

High precision, ball screw driven linear units

3 different product series with repeatability up to 5 µm

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High repeatability accuracy: ±0,05 mm

High Repeatability and Accuracy

Precision System actuators have a
repeatability accuracy of ±0,005 mm

Precision System
Precision System

Simple and Safe Maintenance

Separate lubrication
for ball screw drive and guides

Space measurement

Space Saving

The compact structure of Precision System actuators makes them
the ideal for applications where maximizing space is critical.

Precision System
icon high protection

High protection for dirty environments

See technical details and
select your Precision System.

TH Series

Very compact linear table for high axial force take-up. Repeatability up to 5 µm.

TT Series

Rigid linear table with very high positioning repeatability of up to ±5 µm and max strokes of up to 3 m

Solutions by Industries

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  • Vertical Farming
  • Industrial Machines
  • Railway
  • Packaging and Logistics
  • Aerospace
  • Building and Furniture
  • Special Vehicles
  • Medical
  • Integrators
  • Robotics

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