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Rack and pinion driven

Rack-and-pinion driven actuators in the Rollon range offer an excellent balance of payload, precision and durability, ideal for applications requiring long strokes linear motion.

This technology, perfect for industrial automation, material handling and assembly systems, provides smooth and direct transmission of motion, ensuring high performance even under heavy load conditions.

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icon load capacity

High load capacity

Payloads from 10 to 2000 kg.

Multiple Y/Z configurations

Tecline actuators can be assembled in
several different configurations.
Rack and pinion driven actuators with different guiding systems
different motion system

Different motion systems

Linear actuators are available with different motion systems:
• recirculating ball guides
• prismatic roller bearings
• polyamide-coated roller guides

Telescopic System

Rack and pinion drive, synchronization
of elements by belt.
icon usage as linear guide or actuator

Suitable for very long strokes


Optimal reliability in dirty environments

See technical details and select your
rack and pinion driven linear actuator.


Tecline PAR

Self-supported axis for strokes from 3 to 50 m.

Tecline PAS

Precise self-supported axis for strokes from 3 to 50 m. Payload from 200 to 1000 Kg.
Speedy Rail SAR

Speedy Rail SAR

Self-supported axis with a polyamide-coated roller guide.

TLS Telescopic System

Telescopic axes designed for several applications that need to move in limited spaces.

Solutions by Industries

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  • Industrial Machines
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  • Packaging and Logistics
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  • Building and Furniture
  • Special Vehicles
  • Medical
  • Integrators
  • Robotics
  • Automotive
  • electronics
  • semiconductor
  • Textile
  • Vertical Farming

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