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Rollon Linear Guides for the Train Industry

White paper

To keep the trains running on time, it makes sense to pay attention to the linear guides used throughout today’s railroad and mass transit cars.

Linear guides may not make an obvious contribution to the uptime of rolling stock, but they do play a crucial role in the operation of doors, access panels, seats and stowage systems. When linear guides fail, they can bring train to a halt as surely as a broken engine.

One way to avoid unnecessary failures is to pick reliable linear guides that are:

  • Corrosion resistant. Exterior doors and access panels, in particular, need to withstand corrosion and must pass rigorous salt-spray tests before even being considered for use in railway applications.
  • Contamination tolerant. Exposed or partially exposed linear guides have to tolerate a wide spectrum of human and environmental contaminants, including unusual ones such as hair.

For a look at some strategies for fighting linear guide corrosion in railroad and mass transit applications, download our latest white paper.


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