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How to Accomplish Predictable, Reliable Linear Motion

On the surface, it may seem like choosing the right actuator for a given application is an easy task. In reality, however, much more goes into selecting a reliable actuator than you might think.

Our latest white paper will help you avoid the most common specification errors. The paper covers eight key points:

  • Accuracy and repeatability. Learn how repeatability measures a system’s command position, as well as some common specifications for accuracy.
  • Capacity. Understand the different types of capacity to consider for your actuator.
  • Travel length. Learn the differences between stroke and overall length when selecting an actuator.
  • Usage. Get an idea of how long your actuator will run.
  • Ambient environment. Recognize how environmental conditions will affect the performance of your actuator.
  • Timing. Find out the importance of sticking to your project’s timeline.
  • Orientation. Discover how your actuator’s orientation will influence its ability to carry a given load.
  • Rates. Learn how to choose the right motion profile for your application.