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Actuator Line

Linear Actuators

The Actuator Line is the Rollon product line dedicated to linear actuators and linear motion systems. Rollon linear units, feature extruded aluminum profile, are available in different types of belt and ball screw driven models and configurations. The functions, high operational performance, load capacity and precision of the Actuator Line linear units allow Rollon actuators to be used in a wide range of applications in the automation industry, specifically industrial machines: pick and place packaging, production lines and assembling operations.

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Plus System

High performance linear units with steel re-enforced driving belt transmissions

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Clean Room System

Belt driven linear actuators for Clean Rooms

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Smart System

High performance, simple linear units with steel re-enforced driving belt

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Eco System

Versatile belt driven linear motion units

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Uniline System

Compact belt driven linear motion units, rails with radial ball bearing sliders

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Precision System

High precision lead screw driven linear units

Part 2

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Linear axes with rack and pinion transmission. Rolling on trapezoidal or recirculating ball guides.

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Linear axis with belt drive or screw drive. Rolling on trapezoidal, round or recirculating ball guides.

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Modline Z

Vertical axes with belt transmission. It includes axes with pneumatic counter balance.

Part 3

Speedy Rail A

Self-supporting linear rail in extruded aluminum with steel rollers covered in plastic