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Rollon Purchases Tecno Center to Increase Product Line

News | 30 April 2015

Rollon recently purchased Italian linear actuator and robotics supplier Tecno Center. With a high level of system design expertise, Tecno Center’s technology gives our integrated partners a greater breadth of product and larger suite of automation tools.


The Tecno Center acquisition allows us to deliver you new, complementary technologies, support many new applications and provide a higher level of systems integrated expertise. In particular, some of the more complex motion systems produced by Tecno Center will allow us to deliver you high-performance solutions in the domestic appliance, automotive and machine tool sectors.

Over the coming months, several new products will launch in the United States. These products include a linear guide with counter balance for vertical axis, a new range of ball screw-driven actuators and belt- and rack-driven gantries.

Counter balance for vertical axis. If an axis fails, the actuator can rapidly drop. Similar to our SC series of linear units, our linear guide with a counter balance for vertical axis delivers better safety and reduces your chances of failure. Striking a counter balance will also help you manage higher loads.

Ball screw-driven actuators. Tecno Center makes its ball screw-driven actuators in-house instead of purchasing them from another source, broadening the range of products we can offer.

Belt- and rack-driven gantries. Tecno Center’s manufacturing capabilities help extend the stroke life of our belt and rack-driven gantries. We can now go up to 12 meters with one piece of extrusion.

Tecno Center products can be used in metal-handling applications such as stamp presses and laser cutters, and press automation for feeding appliances including assembly, automotive, engine block, manipulation and pipe-handling.


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