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Get Large-actuator Performance for Smaller Applications


Selecting the right actuator for a linear motion system isn’t always easy. If your actuator must fit within a limited space or handle lighter loads — as is common in automated systems that perform positioning, measuring, dosing or other types of handling — finding a strong and precise unit becomes even more difficult. However, some newer linear actuators are designed specifically to address the need for high performance and durability in a space-saving unit. Here are the distinct attributes designers should look for in a compact linear actuator:

  • Superior design to deliver high, accurate thrust forces.
  • Preloaded linear guide carriages to absorb external forces and high load moments.
  • Rugged modular axes. The axes must exhibit torsional rigidity and be able to provide a low displacement angle while reducing wear and tear.
  • Protective features to ensure reliable operation and long lifetimes in tough industrial environments.
Precision System

Actuators Combine High Precision, Robustness and Compact Size

Rollon Corporation’s TH-70 actuator is a good example of a linear motion device that provides exceptional performance for low-profile, small-load applications that also demand high precision and durability. They use precision-rolled ballscrews to provide good thrust forces with high accuracy and repeatability, and their modular axes consist of a self-supporting aluminum profile with a high inherent rigidity. This construction minimizes wear and tear to ensure high reliability and a long lifetime. TH-70 actuators are available in single-carriage (SP2) and double-carriage (SP4) versions to meet different load requirements. Additional features and specifications include:

  • Maximum stroke lengths of 591 millimeters for the SP2 and 550 millimeters for the SP4 to accommodate limited space requirements.
  • Dynamic load ratings of 3140N (SP2) and 6280N (SP4).
  • Repeat accuracy within 5 µm.
  • High speed (for long pitch screws).
  • Low resistance to movement.
  • Separate lubrication channels for the ball screw and recirculating ball bearings to supply all relevant points with lubricants, making maintenance simple and safe.
  • Sealing strips protect against dirt and debris.
  • Available in a choice of precision classes and a variety of leads.



Precision System

Find the Ideal Actuator for Applications Where Space is Scarce

Although space may be at a premium in your application, you can still realize the benefits that larger actuators provide, like high precision, accuracy and durability, in a compact unit. Rollon TH-70 Series ball screw-driven linear actuators feature high performance and protective features in a compact structure that is perfect for automated systems where space is scarce.

For more information about Rollon high-precision screw-driven linear actuators, including the TH-70 Series, visit our product page.


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