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A Well-Hidden Linear Rail System Gives Telescoping Motion to Retail Fixtures

News | 15 January 2020

Rollon’s Easyslide rail system can help fixture builders integrate a telescoping slide that can handle the requirements of retail displays while also staying out of the way so products can stand out. This linear guide family satisfies short travel needs and is available in a variety of slider stroke and rail lengths. Features that make the guide family desirable for retail fixtures include:

  • Heavy-duty construction. Cold-drawn steel rails and sliders, induction hardened raceways and hardened steel ball bearings stand up to shock, vibration and moderate use.
  • Space savings. Sliders inside the rail ensure a low profile and will stay hidden when mounted flat underneath a shelf or drawer, even as the fixture moves. And their low height in this orientation eliminates the need to adjust height offsets, thereby saving material costs.
  • High load capacity. Compact rails with caged ball bearings create more contact points with the rail. Each rail can be fitted with one or more sliders. The result: high load carrying capability and a long lifetime.
  • Easy mounting thanks to steel crosspieces and feet with two different adjustment systems. Because of Easyslide’s large ball bearings, tolerances are typically 0.25-millimeters. Plus, preload adjustment is performed prior to shipping, making installation worry-free.

Set Up Shop With the Right Linear Guide
When specifying and buying a linear guide for retail fixtures, be sure to consider the size of the shelf or drawer, how much space you need to mount the guide, your desired stroke length and the load that must be supported. A Rollon sales engineer can help you determine the right ball cage size in order to reach your target stroke as well as select the best rail width. Since there is a trade-off between the ball cage length and slider length, we may recommend substituting a different-size rail or slider block to accomplish your goals.

For example, a Rollon client recently needed to create a display case with shelves traveling no more than eight inches in order to support cantilevered loads between 40 to 50 pounds — without making the linear guides visible to customers when in the “open” position. A Rollon sales engineer helped them select a Size 28 Easyslide linear rail system, mounted flat under the shelves and configured with five-inch blocks to provide short-scope telescoping motion to move the shelves. The sliders each have a 5,200 Newton-meter load rating — more than enough to support the loads. Best of all, after mounting flat under the shelves, these linear guides stay out of sight so customers only see the goods.

Achieve Top-Shelf Sales Results
When retail sales depend on well-designed display drawers or shelves, the underlying rail system must deliver both functionality and low visibility. Rollon’s Easyslide rail system can carry heavy loads for short travel lengths — all while remaining hidden from view when mounted flat. This frees up retailers to build attractive, effective displays that will move merchandise and bolster sales results.

For more information about Rollon’s Easyslide rail system, visit our product page


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