3D Multi-Axis

We build it for you

Versatile multi-axis systems designed starting from your specific needs.

Different X/Y/Z configurations available and different driving systems for any application.

Ready to use

All the advantages of a ready made solution designed just for you:
• Engineered and tested
• Short assembly time and service
• Low maintenance and additional warranties

Multiple X/Y/Z configurations

Our Multi-Axis solution can be assembled in several different configurations, such as:
• Pick & place Y-Z
• Pick & place Y-2Z
• Gantry 2X-Y-Z

Different driving systems

• Belt for high dynamics
• Ball screw for high precision
• Rack and Pinion for long strokes and independent carriages


A wide range of accessories are available, such as:
• Energy chains
• Safety systems
• Nuts and dedicated plates for assembly
• Lubrication systems
• Proximity holders and cams

See technical details and
select your 3D Multi-Axis.

Solutions by Industries

  • All
  • Industrial Machines
  • Railway
  • Packaging and Logistics
  • Aerospace
  • Building and Furniture
  • Special Vehicles
  • Medical

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