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Telescopic rail for railway and vehicle applications


Combining aspects of our proven Telescopic Rail and Light Rail technologies, our new LTH line of economical telescopic rails combines a high load capacity, resistance to bending and a light weight construction.


The LTH is made from drawn steel, which keeps costs low while providing a rigid structure and compact profile. It’s intended for applications that don’t require the high performance of Telescopic Rail, yet exceed the load carrying capacity of Light Rail.

LTH products consist of two rails, one fixed and one movable. An intermediate Cf53 steel element provides rigidity and ensures minimal bending – even when the rail is fully extended and heavily loaded. Like other Rollon products, LTH telescopic rails are highly resistant to misalignment.

Telescopic rail

Some key technical features include:
• Maximum load capacity, 1673 N.
• Maximum stroke, 1522 mm.
• Maximum rail length, 1500 mm.
• Maximum extension speed, 0.3 m/sec.

Available in 30 and 45 mm, its reduced bending makes it ideal for applications requiring manual extension such as:

• Train maintenance components.
• Industrial lockers.
• Professional furniture.
• Fireplaces.


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